25 Free Educational Websites for Kids

March 30, 2020

Whether you’ve been teaching your children at home for a while now or you’ve just found yourself unintentionally homeschooling with all of the recent school closures, having a list of fun and educational websites bookmarked that will not only keep your kids engaged but learning at the same time can be a lifesaver.

Now, there are thousands of free educational websites out there, of course, and we’ve shared some of our favorites before with this list of 45+ free educational websites for kids, but we’re finding new ones every day and so we felt that sharing our newest list of favorites was definitely in order.

More Free Educational Websites for Kids

Explore.org (Live aminal cams)

Virtual Musical Instruments

Funbrain Jr.

Tate Kids


Mystery Science

Go Noodle



Math Playground

Splash Learn

Amazing Space

How Stuff Works

What Was There?

Ted Talks

Who Was?

Time for Kids

Into the Book

Games for Change

Mystery Doug

Typing Club

Squiggle Park

History for Kids

National Constitution Center

A Book in Time




Want more?  We’ve got 45 more educational websites for kids listed here!