A 'Fraggle Rock' Reboot Is on the Way

April 22, 2020

Anyone who was a kid in the late '80s and early '90s is going to love this TV reboot news — especially those of us who love sharing our favorite kids' shows with our own kids. It's official: A Fraggle Rock reboot is coming to Apple TV, bringing back the beloved Jim Henson series for a whole new generation to enjoy.

But to be honest, we'll be watching, too, because this is Fraggle Rock we're talking about.

The new series is called 'Fraggle Rock: Rock On'

According to Variety, the series will consist of short 3- to 5-minute episodes starring our favorite characters from the original show — including Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, Wembley, and Uncle Traveling Matt. So, even though it won't be quite like the version of the show we're used to, it looks like we'll be getting a solid dose of nostalgia in the form of the characters we grew up with being back together again.

Some of the characters won't be in the same location

There will be music and special guests, and there's even a brand-new way for the Fraggles to communicate with each other. A new device has been created called the Doozertubes, thanks to the Industrious Doozers, which will help them all sing together.

Wait, is this the Fraggle version of an iPhone? Yep, we're in.

The series has also been created in a super unique way

Given world events, it's hard for any show to film right now, since most of us are hanging out at home and isolating. But the crew behind the new Fraggle Rockfound a way around that, because the episodes have been shot in the team members' homes, all on their iPhone 11s — which is super impressive and makess it all the more perfect fit for Apple TV.

TV streaming has never been more innovative!

We're pretty excited about this

Just by looking at this video from the Apple TV Instagram account, we would never be able to tell that this show wasn't shot with professional equipment. As a bonus, it's giving us all those warm and fuzzy feelings we get from watching a show we just couldn't get enough of as kids ... and come to think of it, that's exactly what we need right now.

The first episode is already streaming — so enjoy!

The episode is called "Shine On," and it's already available to Apple TV subscribers. New episodes will drop every Tuesday from here on out, and we can't wait. Between this and shows like Legends of the Hidden Temple coming back, it's like we're living our childhoods all over again ... and we're definitely not complaining.

More Fraggles, please!