Texas State Mathworks offers free school curriculum to teachers, parents and students

April 6, 2020

Texas State University Mathworks is offering free math resources to the public in response to COVID-19. Anyone with internet access can download curriculum material now through June 15, 2020.

Valued over $250, the material includes Math Explorations curriculum for sixth through eighth grades. Student Edition textbooks and workbooks are available for download on the Mathworks website. In addition, Mathworks has made their Math Quest summer camp workbooks available for fourth through eighth grades at no cost. Additional resources include publications such as the Math Explorer and Math Reader and video tutorials teaching common math concepts.

Users can submit their contact information at www.txstate.edu/mathworks, to download the PDF files.

“When so many students are learning from home and are in need of additional resources, we want to provide both our school-year and summer enrichment curriculum for students, parents and teachers to use during this time,” said Hiroko Warshauer, associate professor in the College of Science and Engineering, co-author of the Math Explorations curriculum and research coordinator at Mathworks.

Teacher Edition textbooks and answer keys are available to teachers, parents and tutors upon request. For more information, visit Mathworks at www.txstate.edu/mathworks or email Kaelie Garcia at kcg74@txstate.edu.